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Your self application is your first assistant for self-discovery and self-development..and users describe it as the best self-development application 💡

This application has been professionally developed and reviewed by scholars and experts in the field, and it includes:

First: your self-development programs
o It includes three main programmes, namely:
① You and Yourself Program: It is a completely free program that helps you measure 40 basic characteristics of your personality (such as: courage, honesty, forgiveness, positive cooperation, kindness to parents, generosity, anger, lies, cruelty, injustice … and others). In about 8 minutes, then it tells you your strengths and weaknesses, and provides you with a development plan to improve your weaknesses!

② Self-confidence program: which is designed to help you know your level of self-confidence accurately, after measuring a large number of self-confidence criteria in your personality (such as: body language, social interaction, speaking fluently, accepting criticism, admitting a mistake, self-reliance, demanding with rights … and others), and then helps you develop weaknesses in your self-confidence; When you gain self-confidence, you will be more able to face the challenges and overcome the difficulties that you face in your daily life!

③ Leadership Program: Do you want to be a leader? This program will help you acquire the necessary leadership competencies to become an inspiring leader, after measuring 30 leadership skills in your personality (such as: creativity, motivation, planning, negotiation, decision-making, self-management, intellectual flexibility, problem-solving, time management, critical thinking, Ethical leadership, influencing others…etc.) within about 10 minutes, then you will be informed about the level of these skills you have, and a development plan will be provided to improve them in your personality.

o Each program includes:
• A test to accurately measure your level: This is in basic and necessary qualities and skills for anyone who desires distinction and advancement.
• Detailed instant results: includes several benchmarks; To help you discover and develop yourself.
• Distinguished educational content: some of it is written, and some is visual, and it is more like a book that has been specially prepared to suit each individual user.
• A flexible and integrated individual development plan: It is a comprehensive plan that you can control according to your circumstances and the extent of your time.
• development tasks for each program: up to 300 tasks, and you have to implement them; To make the development journey more efficient and effective.
• Measuring the level of impact and improvement after development: making it easier for you to compare your level before and after development.
• A graduation certificate supporting your resume.

Second: your own community
Through "Yourself Community" you will be able to exchange experiences and benefit from the experiences of others, obtain useful and inspiring content in self-development, and gain the necessary motivation in your development journey.

Third: Calculate yourself
With your self calculator, you can record your behaviors and track your habits, whether throughout the day, week, month or year; So that you can measure how your positive and negative behaviors have changed over time!

Download your application now and start your journey of self-development!


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