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AGORA Awards
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Agora is “The Worldwide Awards.” A tool to give visibility to the best worldwide creations, ideas, and actions. Everyone, everywhere, can participate for free in The Worldwide Awards and win recognition and prizes for their unique talent.
Agora is a system to create a better world with the most inspiring human activity. Because everyone is different, but together we win.
The Agora Awards are The Worldwide Awards. Awards to give recognition, grants, and prizes to the best-talented people around the planet. Each award has two winners.
Jury’s Prize: A professional jury invited specially to be the jury of a specific award.
People’s Prize: People worldwide vote in a fair and secure system, and the most voted creation will win the People’s Prize.
The Agora Awards are free for everyone to participate through our app or website. You can participate with your creations, ideas, or actions, and win worldwide recognition and opportunities because of your unique talent. Also, you can vote and empower talented people around the globe!

Awards about photography, videos, artificial intelligence AI, art, illustration, fine arts, shortfilms, documentary, journalism, animation, motion pictures, climate change, activism, ideas, poetry, and all kind of talent.

Make money with your photos, videos, music, art and creativity on Agora: The Worldwide Awards. Win prizes, recognition and opportunities with Agora and your talent.
Giving hearts is the best way to help the creations participating in an Award to become finalists.
In fact, a percentage of the selection of finalist works has to do with the number of hearts that each work receives. Support the best creations with your love

Thanking is wise. You can thank all those people who help you with their hearts in your creations. The number of thank you's given will accumulate in your profile as a representation of the help you are giving to the Agora community. By the way, thank you very much!



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