Aircraft Evolution

Fight through 4 time periods, from the era of the First World War to futuristic battles.
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Nov 29, 2016
Sep 7, 2023
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Fight through 4 time periods, from the era of the First World War to futuristic battles.
Level up and evolve your aircraft from a wooden plane to a fighter of the future.
Then, refine it by increasing its armor, fuel, speed, firepower and much more.
Choose from a large selection of aircraft. You upgrade as you go, but you can still try to take on a tank armed with plasma cannons using just a wooden plane!

40 different missions are waiting for you. You will be given different objectives; destroy an enemy base, deal with waves of attacking fighters, boss fights and much more.
In preparation for battles, you can buy increasingly dangerous bombs. Demolish the enemy with standard bombs, a barrage of cluster bombs, or burn enemies to ashes with napalm.
Bomb the enemy. Turn their bases into smoldering ruins and the battlefield into a scorched desert.
Bombs and explosions! More bombs and explosions!!!

Buy yourself a military plane and fly into an air battle!


Fun airplane game with different levels, easy and hard, short and long missions.
Realistic PC-level graphics, detailed aircraft, military equipment and beautiful landscapes.
Beautiful juicy explosions, rough landings, fires, modern graphics, shooting, amazing special effects and fun in Airplane Shooting Game Airplane Evolution!

A game about aircraft with military equipment and beautiful graphics for the passage of the campaign:
Complete 4 eras – World War I, World War II, modern conflicts and futuristic war of the future.
Explore the level map, pick up loot. By looting you get bombs, napalm, cluster bombs, repairs and fuel.
A variety of locations: forest, arctic, desert, tropics – all with careful rendering and a unique atmosphere.
Various missions! Destruction of the enemy, race against time, fights high in the sky, battles with tanks and of course strong and difficult bosses!

In the arcade action Planes Evolution, you will find an air battle with many opponents, pumping and upgrading aircraft, buying aircraft from different eras!
Fly a war plane in Airplanes Evolution free game – arcade plane and tank shooter, beautiful and addictive action game.
Choose weapons, buy new planes, buy different types of bombs, become stronger!

– Pumping planes
– Campaign game
– Excellent graphics
– Time eras
– Offline mode, play without internet.

What's new

Low-level aircraft have been strengthened.
Simplified 1st era.
Progress in endless mode has been accelerated.

Enemy aircraft now avoid collision with the player.
Aircraft purchase bug fixed.

Added endless mode with new content.
Bombs can now be upgraded.
Many new types of bombs have been added.
Added temporary boost system.
Added new planes.
Added translation into several languages.
The camera has been redone.
The balance of opponents has been reworked.



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