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🌎 Now with the best links from around the Web!

** A new app from the co-founders of Instagram **

See what you’ll discover with AI. Artifact learns your interests and keeps you up-to-date with the information and inspiration that matters most to you. We only notify you when it’s worth it, weed out clickbait, and use AI to instantly summarize. Download Artifact to start seeing the most interesting articles and content shared from our community.

✅ Advanced AI with you in control

Choose your favorite categories and explore an AI-powered feed built just for you.

➡️ Customized: Explore the For You feed customized to your selections or browse category feeds like Tech, EVs, TV & Movies or Crypto.
➡️ Controls: Hide any publisher you don’t want to see or tell us when you don’t like a topic.
➡️ Get the most from your subscriptions: Log in to your subscriptions and Artifact will recommend the best articles from all your paid sources.

✅ Share and Discover the Extraordinary

Artifact goes beyond traditional news categories, allowing you to share and explore links from across the web, from product pages, app reviews, recipes, architecture galleries, and more.

➡️ A visual feed of links, driven by AI. Links from the community are presented in a visual feed. Post great content, and Artifact will start showing links to relevant people.
➡️ Creative tools to make it easy to share. Links provides tools to help you quickly edit images and help with caption writing; any story that you find on Artifact can be summarized with AI.
➡️ User profiles with following to keep you in the know. Search and follow anyone with a social profile. Profiles feature recent links posted so it’s easy to see what someone is sharing.

✅ Supercharged Reading

Artifact’s tools let you take control of how you consume content.

➡️ Instant AI Summaries: Gain quick insights with a single tap as AI generates concise summaries for any sotry.
➡️ Reader Mode: Immerse yourself in a beautiful reading experience with clutter-free reading.
➡️ Combat Clickbait: Mark articles as clickbait and help the community steer clear of misleading content.
➡️ Paywall Prevention: Automatically snooze publishers when you run out of free content.

✅ Stay Informed. Stay Ahead.

Be the first to know about the stories shaping the world of tech and beyond.

➡️ Timely Push Notifications: Receive personalized pushes that keep you ahead of the curve.
➡️ Leading Tech Companies: Dive into the latest from renowned companies shaping tech and see announcements before they are even covered.
➡️ Independent Bloggers and Journalists: Discover the sources that get the scoop and provide unique perspectives you won’t read elsewhere.
➡️ Global Headlines: Explore a dedicated tab featuring today’s most significant headlines from around the world.


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