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PEDOMETER + RPG! Train your team of heroes with fitness goals, as you engage in pedometer games. The more activities you complete, the stronger your heroes become! Fit for battle! Let's take on challenges together and embark on the journey of becoming the new best you in this fitness RPG!

It has been 12 years since the Dark Force took over Fitland. Villagers await the saviour to return. Will you be the one to lead a team of heroes, defeat enemies and save them all?

Fitness RPG, is a unique fitness app that combines the elements of a fitness tracker and game. With this 'fit game', users can turn their workouts into an exciting and engaging RPG experience. The app tracks your physical activities, such as running, lifting weights, and walking, and converts them into game metrics to help you level up your character. It works as a 'free walking tracker', making it easier for users to monitor their steps and distance covered. Also, the app supports 'weight loss' goals by tracking calorie burn and offering fitness challenges. The app's 'fitness tracker and game' features also allow users to set fitness goals and challenges, as well as track their progress over time. With 'walking fit' challenges and other fun activities, Fitness RPG encourages users to stay active and motivated in their fitness journey. Whether you're a fitness enthusiast or just looking for a fun way to stay in shape, Fitness RPG offers a unique and enjoyable approach to achieving your fitness goals.


* Fitness RPG – Convert your steps into free energy and use them to level u
p heroes

* Sync steps – Connect and sync steps from phone, Fitbit and Google Fit

* Battlegrounds – Explore the Fitland map, fight monsters and save the realm

* Team of heroes – Collect and train different heroes, form the ace team

* Precious equipment and skins – Collect, upgrade precious weapons to make your team stronger

* Arena – Compete with other players and fight your way to the top


Connect to Google Fit and play RPG with steps done by 3rd party apps. For example: Runkeeper, Runtastic, Nike, Fitbit app, and etc. Enjoy with other games like Ring Fit adventure, Zombies Run Habitica, Life RPG, playfitt, and Walkr.



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