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◆ An English Conversation App Used by People in Over 100 Countries Worldwide ◆
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Oct 6, 2019
Feb 27, 2024
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◆ An English Conversation App Used by People in Over 100 Countries Worldwide ◆
Dress up your favorite avatar and enjoy English conversations and international exchanges with people from around the world in a virtual space!
You can freely wander in the virtual world and have English conversations with people from all over the world, as if you were experiencing studying abroad with just your smartphone!
Speaking with others is the best way to improve your English skills, both in speaking and listening.
Since fondi is full of real people and real conversations, you'll develop genuine conversational skills.

◆ Enjoy Real-life English Conversations and International Exchanges in Various Virtual Spaces ◆
◇ fondi's virtual world offers numerous areas ◇
Plaza: Connect instantly with English learners from all over the globe!
Lounge: Have private conversations with like-minded friends.
Home: Record your English conversation logs and dress up your avatar for English conversations.
Bar: Enjoy deep one-on-one conversations.
AI Practice Area: Practice communicating with an AI instructor.

There are many virtual spaces available, where you can join activities such as watching YouTube videos with friends, creating an experience that truly feels like living abroad!

◆ Key Features of fondi ◆
◇ Don't stress over errors – they're part of the journey! ◇
You can have English conversations with your favorite avatar, eliminating any nervousness or concerns.
Even if you're not confident in your English skills, you can speak with confidence!

◇ Interact with people from around the world using just your phone ◇
fondi is used by people from over 100 countries worldwide!
You can engage in English conversations with people from different parts of the world whom you've never spoken to before.

◇ Experience real overseas lifestyle through our virtual world ◇
fondi offers various virtual spaces where you can enjoy English conversations tailored to different situations.
You can engage in free and casual conversations with multiple people, have deep one-on-one conversations, play games, or watch TV while having English conversations.
By participating in these real conversations, you'll gain practical experience and develop authentic English conversation skills, surpassing traditional desk-based learning methods.

◇ One-on-one conversations with AI English instructors utilizing the latest AI ◇
fondi allows you to practice casual conversations with AI instructors that utilize the latest AI technology.
Even if you struggle with English or are shy, you can freely speak with an AI instructor.
No matter how many mistakes you make or how many times you ask for clarification, they won't judge you.
With an AI instructor, anyone can achieve the most important aspect of acquiring English conversation skills—speaking in your own words.

◇ English conversations using voice chat ◇
fondi enables English conversations with people from around the world using voice chat.
By actually speaking and vocalizing your thoughts, your speaking and listening skills will improve rapidly.

◆ Is fondi for you? ◆
◇ Those who have lost confidence in speaking English ◇
What if people think you have bad pronunciation…

By speaking through avatars, there's no need to feel embarrassed!
Plus, you can practice English conversations with an AI instructor!

◇ For those who gave up on English school ◇
Monthly fees are too high…
Going to school is troublesome…

Dive into real English conversations using just your phone!

◇ For those who don't have time to study English ◇
Hard to find time for English studies due to work, school, household chores…etc.
You don't want to be burdened with homework…

Freely engage in English conversations, even just for a minute or fifteen minutes of your spare time!

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