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The 2024 hunting season has arrived! Gear up and dive into the immersive world of hunting games with Hunting Clash – the premium hunting simulator and shooting experience!
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Aug 24, 2020
Feb 14, 2024
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The 2024 hunting season has arrived! Gear up and dive into the immersive world of hunting games with Hunting Clash – the premium hunting simulator and shooting experience!

Marvel at Magnificent Shooting Environments
Embark on a journey through diverse hunting landscapes, from the verdant forests of Montana, and the frost-laden woodlands of Kamchatka, to the vast African savanna. Our hunting game presents awe-inspiring vistas and photorealistic fauna, setting it apart from other offline hunter games. Relish the thrill of being a proficient hunter in our free hunting game, a unique blend of offline hunter games and sniper genres.

Your Personal Sharpshooting & Hunting Mobile Game
Track prey such as deer, elk, grizzly bears, wolves, ducks and more in this exciting shooting game. Select your target, prime your weapon, take aim, and pull the trigger! Enhance your sharpshooting skills and evolve into a grand hunter marksman through our superior hunting game!

Intense Rush Mode Event
Hunting Clash, the thrilling hunting game, introduces the heart-pounding Rush Mode! This shooting game challenges you to test your skill and hunt the most animals within a limited timeframe. Engage in friendly competition with fellow hunters on the leaderboard, amplifying the excitement of becoming the ultimate hunter. Are you game?

Hunting and Scavenging Event
Our innovative hunter-gatherer mode adds a dash of realism into the hunting experience. In this shooting game mode, in addition to hunting, you'll also gather valuable resources like hides, bones, and meat from each kill. Test your survival instincts in this immersive hunting game world.

Advanced Weapon System in Hunting Games
Prepare for strategic hunting with our new weapon augmentation system! Equip the perfect tool for each hunt, as each weapon boasts unique strengths and weaknesses. Upgrade your weapons, select your quarry, and become the ultimate hunter in our shooting games.

Join a Hunters' Club
Form alliances with fellow hunters to raise your Hunters' Club to new heights in our hunting game. Share experiences and gear, and contribute to your club's goals in this top-tier shooting game.

Club Chest Feature
Delve deeper into collaborative gaming with our novel Club Chest feature. As a member of a hunting club, acquire the Club Chest to receive valuable items that will enrich your hunting quests and benefit all club members, nurturing a sense of camaraderie among hunters.

The Hunter's Challenge
Examine your sniper skills in daily challenges with our shooting games! Engage in hunts for specific animals in varied locales, level up, and become an ace marksman. Choose between a sniper rifle or a bow to augment your shooting arsenal and aim with deadly precision in these hunting games.

Competitive Hunting
Experience the adrenaline rush of competitive hunting in one-on-one PvP duels in our shooting game. Ascend the leaderboards and become the top hunter in these thrilling hunting games.

Train Your Hunting Dog
A loyal dog is a hunter's best companion. Train your canine partner to earn specific bonuses, enhancing your hunting experience as a skilled hunter.

AAA-Standard Graphics
Our shooting game boasts AAA-standard graphics. The realistic depiction of animals, like the texture of a wolf's fur or the physique of a deer, makes hunting in this game a real pleasure for hunters. Answer the call of the wild, join Hunting Clash, and enjoy an unparalleled thrill. Indulge in tracking, shooting, gear collection, and nature appreciation, all in one game. Download now for free and start your hunting journey!

What's new

Meet the Power Score, a new Hunting Clash feature!
- Gain Power Score by upgrading lures, weapons, skills, animal bonuses, and dog bonuses;
- Power Score will unlock new rewards in the chosen Power Rank thresholds;
- Access the Power Score from the Player Profile menu and enjoy the new Hunting Clash feature!



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