Ivandoe: Quest On

Join Ivandoe and Bert on a series of heroic quests across the treacherous Five Kingdoms.
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Oct 16, 2023
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Join Ivandoe and Bert on a series of heroic quests across the treacherous Five Kingdoms.

Adventure through forests and swamps, villages and castles, battling flying snakes and venomous plants, duelling evil beasties, and completing perilous challenges. Meet whimsical characters as you explore and collect items to help you on your daring adventures. Be brave, be silly and most importantly… Quest On!

Play as the dashing Prince Ivandoe in this RPG as you complete many tasks and challenges on your epic adventure…
– Seek the stolen Royal Socks, quest for the Golden Turnips, and recover the Royal Cloak!
– Leave no stone unturned… you never know where you might find clues and objects to help you in your quests…
– With main quests, side quests, creatures, and fearsome beasties, there’s a whole world to explore with your trusty map and loyal squire Bert!

– Explore the Five Kingdoms completing quests.
– Talk to every friend and foe you meet.
– Unlock secret caves and find treasure chests.
– Defeat flying snakes, spiders and snapper trapper plants.
– Find objects and earn rewards.
– Challenge beasts and monsters to a boss battle.
– Collect coins to spend in Winky's Shop.
– Customise Ivandoe with a fancy new hat.
– Upgrade your combat gear & health potions.
– Complete mini games to earn more coins.


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What's new

New quests this month:
- New tasks, challenges and boss battles!
- Meet Princess Sprinklejoy and help Prince Goldenlocks.
- Journey through the Red Squirrel Kingdom and the Underground Kingdom of the Ogres.
- Quest On to complete more of Ivandoe's adventures!



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