Moodee : What uplifts me now?
What can help your mind?
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Released on
Mar 2, 2023
Dec 26, 2023
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What can help your mind?

■Look back on your emotions
Choose from a large selection of emotion words to describe how you feel right now. Putting your feelings into words can bring you a new sense of clarity.

■To-do suggestions picked out for you
Whether you're feeling upbeat or low, get recommendations for how you can make your day better. You can add the ones you like to your to-do list.

Get insights about your emotions
Check out stats about you, from frequently recorded emotions to emotion timetables. These analyses will help you gain a deeper understanding of yourself.

What's new

To help you name your emotions better, we’ve increased our list of emotions! Browse through our wide selection of specific emotions to find exactly what you’re feeling right now.


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