PDF Scanner Plus – Doc Scanner

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📇 PDF Scanner Plus – Doc Scanner is your personal scanner for any document, text or image. 📇
Turn any paper document, photo or text into a digital one with PDF Scanner Plus just in a click of a button, and then convert into PDF format.


Scan any text, or picture and Scanner Plus will create a digital copy right on your device!
Our smart app will find the borders of the needed area itself, so that you only get what is needed, or change the area yourself if you only want a part of a larger document.

This app will transform the pictures you have taken or already have into a convenient, easy to use PDF document to rewrite on the go or keep it as an image to edit.

Scan multiple pages of lengthy legal documents, receipts or payments to organize them in a one for easy access and editing later.

A blurry or unsaturated image is no problem with the tools already built into this app.
Alter the brightness of the photograph or transform it into a crisp, black and white image.

Save the new file anywhere you need on your device and access it anytime with any other app but also with PDF Scanner Plus once again to adjust the file, text or image for the situation you need.

Download our best scanning, format converting and editing app PDF Scanner Plus – Doc Scanner and make your work around the office and home easier.


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