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Simple, interactive, online micro-journal book with AI:
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Apr 26, 2023
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Simple, interactive, online micro-journal book with AI:

Micro-Journaling: On Reflectr, you can jot down your thoughts super quickly, kind of like posting on social media, but it's all private. It's like having a mini journal diary or a special book just for your thoughts. Using Reflectr makes it easy to write more often and be honest about how you feel. Plus, it's the best journal diary notebook for keeping track of your emotions and mood.

AI Integration: The app uses AI in three cool ways. First, AI personalities chat with you, making journaling fun. Second, AI helps sort and organize your entries, so you don't have to do it yourself. Lastly, you can talk to your journal and ask it questions to get better insights. It's like having an online journal diary book with a lock where you can chat with your journal diary every day.

about-AI-introspect: Reflectr offers a special diary just for you where you can write about your experiences. It helps you think more about your thoughts and ideas. After you've written for a while, you can look back and ask your diary questions about what you wrote, like what's on your mind or things you're thankful for. It's like having a daily diary for writing—a diary journal app with a lock that you can chat with whenever you want!

AI-assisted writing styles: Just write down your thoughts or talk into the app to record them. You can even choose how you want your writing to look with the help of AI. Reflectr is a private digital space where you can keep your self-care journal online. Don't worry about spelling or making everything perfect—let the AI fix it for you!

AI-based mood calendar: Write down anything you're thinking about, and at the end of each day, the app will show your mood based on what you wrote. You can see your mood trends on the calendar, giving you a full picture of how you feel each day in your private digital space. Plus, you can chat with your journal whenever you want!

Automatic categorization of posts: Just write whatever's on your mind, and Reflectr will sort it out for you. Whether it's a reminder, a note, an idea, or anything else, Reflectr is like my journal diary online, and the AI will sort your posts for you. You don't have to make folders or stress about organizing—it's all taken care of. Also, you can search by category to find your reminders, ideas, and more easily!

Automatic tagging of posts: Reflectr, your personal journal diary online, automatically makes tags for each post. You can check out your popular tags over time to see what you think about most and how different topics are connected.

Privacy: Keep your private daily diary with a lock using a passcode and biometrics for access control. You can also sync to the cloud with end-to-end encryption and access your journal posts across devices.

Clear your mind today! Share thoughts, ideas, notes—anything on Reflectr and unleash the power of your mind. Use our amazing journal diary and mood tracker app for free! It's easy to use and looks nice. Give it a try today!

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